Artist's Statement

Pamela’s art has always been grounded in stylistic representation of a deeper, more sensory-driven, and intimate connection with nature. Most of her work emerges as intuitive, sometimes subtle - other times bold - expressions of the powerful movement of energy, the synergy and feelings of the senses engaging in direct experiences with nature.

Artist Bio

Pam holds a BFA in painting along with individualized journalism and marketing studies from Ohio State University and is currently an Executive Master of Public Administration graduate student at Evan’s School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Washington. She seeks to demonstrate that our society needs more artists to lead towards the adaptations needed for our latest challenges as a society. She also is a 4-year Studio Artist of the Friday Harbor Atelier, traveling as much as possible as a visiting artist to expand her sustainability writing, decades of research, and consulting work on how reconnecting with nature and our natural selves with art is a remedy to many societal challenges.

“I primarily immerse myself in the beautiful, organic process of the masters by making my own paints with natural earth paint pigments and walnut oil. I love exploring and creating detailed, moving, sensual strokes with liner brushes with oil, watercolor, or acrylic paints, fine point pencils, charcoal, ink pens or, when necessary, my stylus pen and iPhone. Basically, whatever is on hand during natural moments of inspiration.

Creating art that reconnects and restores the natural senses and sensibilities that our modern lifestyles have taken from us drives my process. My art and designs, nature awareness research and sustainability consulting are all about creating soothing inspiration, a sense of calm and hope for the restoration of harmony and equality between humans, nature, and the planet we share.”

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