Painting Statement

My work blurs the line between painting and printmaking. I carve words into linoleum blocks of all sizes and formats. The text gets abstracted within the layers and the build-up of paint, but it is the building block of all my pieces. I write about life, current events, the art process, and music.

Music has had a powerful influence on my entire life. From a strong bass line to the lyrics, the energy and the emotional content are reflected in my art. The music my parents listened to when I was little still resonates with me. The scene I found myself in as a teenager still drives me. The relationship people have with music is often related to the connection we have with visual art. Your favorite music either makes you sing and dance or stop and listen, just like your favorite piece of art strikes a chord within you. You’ve found your song, your band, your piece of art.

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The Rising

Painting by Rebecca Woodhouse

In Concert

Painting by Rebecca Woodhouse

Collage Study

Painting by Rebecca Woodhouse

New Aura 21.0401

Painting by Rebecca Woodhouse

Abstract Geometry 21.0404

Painting by Rebecca Woodhouse

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