Painting Statement

David Ridgway's oil painted landscapes reflect a joy, love and understanding for his environment. Whether painting plein aire or in his studio, his images of the hills, valleys, boats, and houses of the San Juan's and Skagit counties are an appreciative expression of the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

David pares the landscape down to interlocking colored shapes and paints these shapes in bold colors. He expresses his love of form, in particular of the gable as seen in the barns, farmhouses and summer cottages of the Skagit Flats or the San Juan Islands.

Many of the paintings continue to investigate the relationship between man and the rural and sub rural landscape. Architectural and atmospheric elements are prominent.

All works are framed by the artist.

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Barn Barn Shed

Painting by David Ridgway

Samish in Summer

Painting by David Ridgway


Painting by David Ridgway

August, Cattle Point

Painting by David Ridgway

Flats, April

Painting by David Ridgway

Conway Dusk

Painting by David Ridgway

Spring Beaver Marsh

Painting by David Ridgway

Three Boats, Port Stanley

Painting by David Ridgway

Argyle with White Sloop

Painting by David Ridgway

Big Yellow Barn

Painting by David Ridgway

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