Painting Statement

My current work combines painting and printmaking techniques in built-up surfaces of layered encaustic medium that become a metaphor for energy, introspection and depth. In a painting process similar to intaglio engraving, the interstices of these free-formed lines create an atmosphere in the spaces and the suspensions that lie underneath and between.

I draw/engrave with a razor blade, fill those furrows with molten color, scrape off the excess that lies on the surface, and then repeat the process again and again. This repetition stacks up surprising dynamics of refracted, reflected and absorbed color and light.

Obsessive scraping of the surfaces of these many layers is a meditative guide to the concentration and engagement of both making the work and of the meaning of the work--a ritual akin to repetitive mark making. Layered grids--like webs--are suspended and embedded in the wax to invoke a dimension of space where connections between points go back and forth in time.

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