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The Oracle Dream" is a new 6" x 6" x 2" mixed media encaustic with Selenite. This new artwork is part of a series that includes natural stones in the work. I worked with the stones and their unique mystical healing qualities to create each artwork. This is 1 of 9 new works at this size and part of

WaterWorks Gallery's "With Love" exhibit. There will not be an opening for the safety of all during COVID. Shipping available!
Happy to answer any questions about the work, but here's a bit of the back story to illustrate the many layers, literal and metaphorical, found in my work:
*All torn book text in this is from "Man and His Symbols" by Carl Jung.
*Selenite represents spiritual rejuvenation. Connected to the Crown Chakra, it opens you to angelic guidance and an easy connection with Spirit/Source.
Each artwork in the show was created with the intention to allow the unique mystical properties of the stones to shine through. May their peace and healing come easily into all aspects of your life as you experience them online or in your home. Did I mention they ship? 

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Lightness of Joy

Painting by Nichole DeMent

Angel Flowers

Painting by Nichole DeMent

Flight of Protection

Painting by Nichole DeMent


Painting by Nichole DeMent

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