Painting Statement

My work addresses nature's resilience, cycles of regeneration and our relationship with nature. Referencing the Pacific Northwest where the sky and water are constantly moving, I seek the essence of place aiming not for the landscape to look real but for it to feel real.

Painting on wood panel, I build up the surface with layers of paper collage and acrylic paint and then I sand. This physical process reveals under layers and I embrace the accidental, which gives energy and life to the work. My aim is not for the landscape to look real but for it to feel real. I am always experimenting, I am always learning and my process is always evolving.

I am excited to return to the beautiful San Juan Islands to share this new body of work entitled “Ripple Effect.” Remembering we are all connected and a part of nature and that our choices, no matter how small, have an effect on our world

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Guiding Light lll

Painting by Jennifer Williams

Guiding Light l

Painting by Jennifer Williams

Guiding Light ll

Painting by Jennifer Williams

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Come see these pieces first hand. We are just a short walk from the ferry and an excellent destination for your visit to San Juan Island.

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