Artist's Statement

Artist Statement: 

May 2023

My work focuses on nature’s power to renew itself and also to renew us. I strive to capture nature’s tranquility and its ability to settle our thoughts as we let go of our worries. I want to paint how it feels to breathe in the cool mist of mountain air, and the meditative calm of being on the water. 
Working intuitively, my landscapes are built from layers of paper and paint, that are explored and excavated as the land itself. Beginning each painting with a map, it becomes an important part of the composition. Like roots, roads, or veins of the earth, tiny map lines add pattern, rhythm, and energy. These lines are a symbol of our connection to the natural environment, a reminder that we are a part of it, and responsible to care for it.
In my latest series, I continue searching for the spirit of nature. My hope is that the work offers time to pause and reflect and find a little peace in the place where it takes you.

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