Painting Statement

From my earliest memories as I child, I have felt as though I view the world through “magical lenses on my eyeballs.”. I still carry that feeling, as though I can look anywhere and see beauty, see nature, and objects, sparkling and bubbling with color and life. 

My work links my love for the abstract macro world with my botanical illustration skills and my love of nature and its color. With every piece, I only attempt to mimic the magic I see, and instead I try to exploit the array of acrylic medium, to bring out the dimensionality of the image. I use acrylic mediums to play with the depth via transparency and opacity, the finish, layering matte with gloss, as a form within the imagery. 

Always, my work is meant to be beautiful first, fun and joyful and never too serious…in fact, never serious at all. Our world is too serious already. My purpose is to bring and share more beauty. I put socks on imaginary flowers, and create fantastical drips off petals, or blazing rainbows of colors. I worship the imperfectly perfect geometry of the natural world and am mesmerized by the repetition and pattern all around us.

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Tricolor Summer Bluoomes Triptych

Painting by Kalindi Kunis

Monarch in the Dark

Painting by Kalindi Kunis

Hibiscus Hottie

Painting by Kalindi Kunis

Foggy Socks

Painting by Kalindi Kunis

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