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Shannon Borg is a painter, writer, and art and business coach. She started painting at age 50, studying in the Trowbridge Atelier at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle. She lives in the San Juan Islands where she is a member of the Friday Harbor Atelier community of artists. Her oil paintings capture the strangeness and mystery of the beaches of the San Juan Islands. Artist’s Statement - Shannon Borg My paintings capture landscapes that are part imagined, part real. Each piece starts with a beach walk - I wander the beaches of the San Juan Islands with my camera, framing the geology and flora, the flotsam and jetsam the sea tosses in. I study the ways people interact with the landscape—driftwood shelters, fire pits, shrines and cairns—and how light and weather interacts with what has been built. Back in the studio, I start with layers of texture and color, charcoal drawings and photo references, and the painting emerges over time—as Robert Henri put it— “as if from a mist."

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