Artist's Statement

The path of Art is a never ending adventure of discovery . Every new work challenges me towards, not only a new way of solving problems ( and making Art IS about problem solving) , but of achieving something I didn’t know I was capable of .

It teaches me so much about life: confronting the blank canvas, the keen observations of the natural world , tenacity, learning, learning, always learning. Messing up, trying again.

I started teaching a few years ago, and find it has driven me to practice what I preach. To be more intuitive, take more chances. To really LOVE the colors, shapes, lines.

Instead of having preformed ideas, I let the idea formulate as I go, resulting in more complexity of color, texture and vibration to the eye and the unconscious. Not really knowing where it will take me can be more stressful , but the end result more delightful and satisfying.

I hope my work inspires others to be creative in their own way as others have inspired me. 

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Painting by Cathy Schoenberg

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