Artist's Statement

Alison’s new body of work focuses on what can be found around the docks. Several of her “Dockside” paintings were inspired by the aging, weathered hull of the MV “Nugget.” The Nugget is a 45ft double-ended salmon trawler that once served as the University of Washington Marine Labs research vessel. The title “The Stories I Could Tell . . .” invites you to imagine the life of the Nugget, the Salmon caught in the years of bounty, the storms it survived, the students it helped to educate and on and on. 
Alison’s work is rich with color and texture and often borders on the abstract. The layers of texture, shapes and color can bring about the most unexpected results. Her work is inspired by things found in both manmade and natural environments; the weathered side of a building, the peeling bark of a Madrone, or the aged hull of a boat in the harbor or a tanker at sea. What may have once been a perfect surface now tells a story of years of sun, rain and seawater that now crack the surface and reveal a different type of beauty.
“In my work, I prefer palette knives to brushes, loving the effect you get, as you never know where the paint will cover the canvas or where it will skip over the surface. I use a variety of tools to make patterns or scratch away paint adding texture or revealing a secret message. Adding numbers, letters or words - sometimes informs the viewer or can spark the imagination.”
“I am eternally grateful to live in one of the most amazing places on earth. My wonder of this place is endless and my intention as an artist is to share not only the beauty of this place but the energy and sense of awe that I feel when I am in it.”

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