Artist's Statement

Fishing boats, tug boats, and ferries ply Puget Sound and the Salish Sea. The forms of these work boats are a fascination. They offer visual studies of harmony and dissonance. I find them graceful and awkward. As the ships traverse the seas it is like a pencil making marks on a sheet of paper. It becomes a drawing of shapes and rhythms.

Having sailed a good share of my life I am captivated with the elegance of sailing yachts of all sizes. A regatta of dancing sails enthralls my imagination. I enjoy exploring forms and colors to create visual music. Tides and eddies billow and flow creating patterns to discover. The dance continues.

My work is constructed from rolling out slabs of clay. I cut out shapes and join them to build the form. I particularly enjoy the process of selecting untried shapes to create a new piece. When cleaning and refining the form I draw on the clay to inscribe areas for different colors. The work is dried slowly, bisque fired, and then glaze fired from one to three times. I work at juxtaposing colors and surfaces that engage the eye.

What keeps me in the studio is the quest to make a better piece than the previous.

Peter Kuentzel was raised in the rural farm town of Winterset, Iowa. In 1963 he majored in art at Bakersfield College. He attended the University of Iowa for a B. A. Degree. At the end of college he found his passion for clay. He then taught on Long Island where he developed a passion for sailing.

In 1972 he graduated from Claremont Graduate University with a M.F.A.,under the guidance of Paul Soldner. He taught at Laguna Beach School of Art and the Des Moines Art Center before beginning a thirty­ five year career at Miami­Dade College.

He exhibits locally and nationally. Peter received three individual Florida Artist Fellowships and a Southern Arts Federation/Regional Fellowship. He had residencies at Tuscaroa Pottery School, Nevada, Sun Valley Arts Center, Idaho, Mendocino Art Center, and Guldagergaard Skaelskor, Denmark.

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