Painting Statement

I began my creative life as a young child. My imagination soared with visual stories in my head that I would dream about to escape a somewhat imperfect childhood. I escaped through music and books. I created vignettes and towns, and make believe wonderlands for the children in my neighborhood. Carnivals, parades, spy routes, painting small rocks and sticks, drawing house plans on abandoned concrete slabs in a field, and altering house plans from cut outs from Better Homes and Garden magazine.

I wonder why I didn’t pursue art school and then realize that I didn’t know art school existed. I pursued architecture and remained there for 30 years.

As a recovering architect, I have discovered the love of sketching with a disregard to exactness. Squiggly lines, windows that are slightly not proportionate, and leaving out an ugly element or adding elements that that would enhance the drawing. These are no no’s in the exacting world of architecture.

I am not a trained artist but I delight in what comes out of my head and onto the paper. I hope it delights you too.

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Painting by Toni Santos

La Maison Du Pastel

Painting by Toni Santos

La Maison Rose

Painting by Toni Santos

Shakespeare and Company

Painting by Toni Santos

Les Deux Magots

Painting by Toni Santos

Les Trois Marches

Painting by Toni Santos

Cafe Brasserie

Painting by Toni Santos


Painting by Toni Santos

No 56

Painting by Toni Santos

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