Painting Statement

As a portrait artist, teacher, and 23-year resident of Friday Harbor, I have had the opportunity to share life with a vast, lovely spectrum of community members, young and old.

A small and powerful group of young women, some island-born, some transplants, have become my icons over the years.

These extraordinary women embody the traits my generation, the boomers, envisioned for our daughters and granddaughters. Strong - physically, emotionally, and intellectually - leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries, opportunists, adventurers, courageous, independent, tenacious, and compassionate, thoughtful human beings. These women do not shy away from a challenge and when they lead, they do so with kindness and a firm grip.

When the #metoo movement came to the public’s attention, I made the decision, as an artist, to celebrate strong women through portraiture. A farmer, an artist and business owner, a teacher who runs the local farmer’s market, a fine art photographer, a seamstress, business owner, and art advocate, and a performer who works with autistic children, these women have contributed deeply to our community and society in ways I could not begin to list.

I chose to paint all of the portraits the same size; however, I have not limited myself in the style or manner in which I have expressed their character. Every stroke of paint provided me with a deep sense of gratitude for these amazing women and for all women trying to make their way in a patriarchal world. These six women provide me with hope for the future.

Follow my lead and take time to celebrate extraordinary women in our lives and community.


Painting by Taylor Bruce


Painting by Taylor Bruce


Painting by Taylor Bruce


Painting by Taylor Bruce

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