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Artist Statement
It is the exploration of ideas that is driving force behind my creative expression.
The process of experimentation.

I have no preconceived idea of the outcome, I create in the moment and allow the image to unfold, leaving the outcome to chance, a random evolution

Painting Statement

Artist Statement:

The ideas articulated in Laura Bauer's current 2-D and 3-D work have come through fearless exploration of materials. Inspired by change, she began a four-year dedication to ceramic wheel work and sculpting in clay, then branched into forming pieces of wire and nylon, while pursuing a Twenty-three-year exploration of acrylic on canvas. For the last six years, she has balanced creating sculpture with her newest concentration-Encaustic painting.

"My exploration of medium has been my inspiration throughout-pushing materials to see what they are capable of doing-and discovering materials have more potential than understood. To create a shift in perspective and discover what the medium has to show me, I have to let go of any attachment and allow it to evolve into something new. To move out of the past, and into a new present, I need to be courageous and put aside any rules or ways of doing things. This open stance in relation to the materials allows fresh expressions to emerge. Even what doesn't work often guides me in a different direction which then becomes the new work for a short time, and then it may need to be pushed again."

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Painting by Laura Bauer


Painting by Laura Bauer


Painting by Laura Bauer


Painting by Laura Bauer


Painting by Laura Bauer


Painting by Laura Bauer


Painting by Laura Bauer


Painting by Laura Bauer


Painting by Laura Bauer

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