Painting Statement

My artwork is significantly influenced by beauty in the details of life. 

Whether it is the human face, reflections in water, or folds of fabric draped over a boom, the details and relationship of lights and darks in the objects inspire me. I do not believe in sitting around and waiting for inspiration to strike. As Pablo Picasso said, "Inspiration has to find you working."

Often, inspiration comes to me after hours of laboring over a painting that was begun simply because it contained all of the right elements of design. 

I work primarily on linen canvas, and often on linen over a mahogany panel. The smoothness of the linen and the rigidity of the plywood allow or greater detail in the finished painting. Each painting begins with a rough sketch of the subject matter in a thin wash of paint and moves to more detail and thicker paint as the work progresses.

I am currently working on a body of work that expresses life, as I see it, in Friday Harbor.


Making Waves

Painting by Debbie Daniels

Under the Surface

Painting by Debbie Daniels

Foam Meets Rock,

Painting by Debbie Daniels

Afternoon Reflections

Painting by Debbie Daniels

Rising Tide

Painting by Debbie Daniels

Midday Surge

Painting by Debbie Daniels

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