Anelecia Hannah Brooks

Painting Statement

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There are two very different ancient Greek words for time.

One is Chronos - wristwatch time that ticks along in smooth meter, each moment measuring the same as the last.

The other is Kairos - a word used by mystics and poets, the sort of time one enters into when lost in the moment, when locked into the flow of creation or deep in meditation, or the slow bend of time when looking into a lover’s eyes, or the quick skip of time as childhood moments flow past.

When I paint, time slides out of chronos meter and my consciousness does a little time traveling through the long present moment and resonant moments of the past. Our brains form memories of moments we have emotional responses to, rather than creating one long film of all the moments in life, so our individual mental memoirs are more like chunky, tangled macaroni necklaces than they are like uniform strings of pearls.

“Here I raise my ebenezer, thou hast brought me to this place,” go the words of the hymn… and the big upended stones of the old testament prophets, marking miracles and battles, are in my mind likened to “Annie was here” Sharpied on a wall, or carved into a picnic table. These paintings, too, mark time and place. 

January 2015

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