Painting Statement

Terra Dreams

I’m interested in representing what isn’t seen, from the many metaphors found in dream states to the multiple dimensions of Quantum Physics. Life is a beautiful mystery that I enjoy recreating in the layers of my work. The technical process of working with encaustic, or beeswax and resin, alongside various paints and found objects with prints on specialty Japanese rice papers adds depth, luminosity and texture to my romantic interpretations of life.

My artwork is a blend of beeswax and resin, aka encaustic, mixed with found organic materials and prints made on rice paper. When rice paper photographs are fused with wax, it creates a transparency that I use by first painting on the wooden board with water-based paints, then collaging recycled books, maps, thread or other inspirations to enhance the layered effect. After the print is fused to the painted board using clear encaustic, I embellish the surface with colored wax, oil paint, more paper items and possibly organic materials, such as leaves. The final piece is an amalgamation of the things I've gathered from my travels through life. My hope is to lead an attentive viewer like a good story might with lots of subtleties to explore on and below the surface.


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