Painting Statement

Easy is right

Begin right

And you are easy

Continue easy and you are right

The right way to go easy is to forget the right way

And forget that the going is easy
Chiang Tzu

For several reasons I have been liberated. And it involves my art.
Several years ago I started drawing in a 7" by 7" sketchbook. I did one a day
And the intention was for the pure love of drawing, purposeless.
That is, not for preparation for painting, not for anyone's eyes but my own, for my
Own Enjoyment But, as fate would have it, they DID evolve into paintings.
Second, I decided to build large meaty canvas's that would engulf the eye with color.
Third, I moved my studio away from the distractions of my home, a separation that I apparently needed. And gave myself permission to paint the bizarre flowers that
Evolved from the joyful sketches in my sketchbook.

I don't know where I will be next, but this is where I am now.


Finding My Way

Painting by Cathy Schoenberg

The Voyage

Painting by Cathy Schoenberg


Painting by Cathy Schoenberg

Running Wild

Painting by Cathy Schoenberg

Blue Hollyhocks

Painting by Cathy Schoenberg

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