Artist's Statement

Small sculptural forms – jewelry. 

I like them passionately. I like the mystery of the semi-precious and precious stones. Their colors, their depth and the geologic time fascinate me. Every stone, every bead is like a time capsule with secret messages inside – the inclusions.
Do my words not bring amber to mind? Warm and light, matching the sun tanned skin in summer days.
I like to juxtapose, to pair the old stony beings with the modern materials such as stainless steel, oxidized steel, rubber to increase the tension to emphasize the beauty of both.
My jewelry comes to life as a statement, not an ornament.
My bold and strong, urban, modern, clean line jewelry design follows my mood, the color of the sky, the fragrance of my perfume (which I wore on last Thu.), etc. It tells the story about my enormous passion for life with truth to myself, light and beauty.

My necklaces are designed to match evening attire and everyday clothes and most importantly to become a ritual part of their bearers’ lives.

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Jewelry by Anna Skibska

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