Painting Statement

Artist’s Statement

I grew up in Vermont, a world of ice, snow and clouds, I found myself most engaged when looking at the mysterious: blue shadow patterns made by wind on the surface of a snow covered field, distant mountains barely visible through mist, fish swimming below a layer of black ice. I became interested in the way that these visual phenomena affected me, engaged me in the act of seeing, how I experienced a sense of inner peace and connection with the larger world during these interactions. I want to create art that recreats this feeling.
I view my artwork as functional objects: post-existential altarpieces. Unlike traditional altarpieces where the viewer meditates on a religious narrative, in my work the viewer becomes involved with materiality of the object and engaged in the act of seeing as an end in itself.

My goal is to create work that operates as directly on the viewer as music does on the listener: objects, that when viewed, stimulate an intense but mysterious emotional response, a response that avoids semiotic interpretation. For example; when listening to sitar master Ravi Shankar tonal modulations, rhythms, harmonies and repetition combine and seem to function as a portal to another world. I intend to create the visual equivalent; objects that function as transcendental triggers allowing the viewer to temporarily escape the quotidian, transporting them to a place where to can look back on the ordinary with new insight.

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