Robin and John Gumaelius

Sculpture Statement

Robin’s Artist Statement

John says the process for making crow’s feet isn’t interesting or important, but; he describes it in detail when I ask. He lets slip the nuances of foot building as he walks away and says, “it’s all considered-it’s all important to the final outcome.”

He brings the birds inside one by one as he finishes welding their feet. They congregate on the mantle chattering and preening. I glance up from the stories I’m reading to my girls and think that I wouldn’t mind if the birds stayed. Maybe it is because some secret part of us carves stories into the birds, so, when I peer up at them, I am surprised.

John’s Artist Statement

I am driven to make objects I find beautiful. Instead of thinking, my art is into existence, I feel it into existence. Like breathing, it happens on its own until I think about it. Then it changes; something is lost.

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