Painting Statement

Breathing In

I explore environmental issues through mixed media paintings using recycled maps, paper bags, and text. My focus has been on nature’s resilience, cycles of regeneration and our relationship
with nature.
My images capture nature in a constant state of change and reference the Pacific Northwest where the sky and water are constantly moving.
Painting on wood panel, I build up the surface with layers of paper collage and acrylic paint and then I sand. This physical process reveals under layers and I embrace the accidental, which
gives energy and life to the work.
My aim is not for the landscape to look real but for it to feel real. I am always experimenting, I am always learning and my process is always evolving.
In my new series entitled “Breathing In” my focus transcends from nature’s power to renew itself to nature’s power to renew us. Connecting with nature can heal the human soul.
We are drawn to nature and open spaces, and we have an innate urge to connect to the earth and remember that we are part of it. We are inspired, relaxed, rejuvenated, we “breathe in” and we are renewed.
In turn, this connection also makes us care for and protect those places that we hold sacred.

Statement 2010
After growing up in the Cascade Foothills, I find the power of nature is my greatest influence and the impact of human pressures, my greatest concern. Since receiving my art degree from Portland State University in 1996, I have been exploring environmental issues, focusing on the contrasts that occur when nature is viewed as society’s resource. I strive to show the strength and resilience of nature while questioning the balance of our own presence.

My paintings emerge through a process of acrylic layered over mixed media on birch panels. the collaged surface materials often consist of maps and text from a region, paper bags, sand paper, cedar bark, and gold flake. Alternating process of building up the surface and breaking the surface down through sanding and scratching creates a lush base from which the composition evolves. From afar the movement and images are alluring. Upon closer examination, the surface speaks to the viewer in its own way, revealing bits of texts and maps that invite a deeper exploration of meaning. Through the layers of paint and meaning my work resonates the message of hope and healing.

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