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I have always lived by water: my childhood home on the shores of Lake Washington, above the peat-bog marsh in Three Meadows on this island, in the Big Tesuque River valley outside of Santa Fe. This exhibition spans the 20 years of marine illustration, while living on San Juan Island, to my recent work of water environments. As I look back over the past 60 years of my life as an artist, the waters are still my muse. Water moves in a continuum between the sky and the earth, absorbing and feeding the ground and the life upon which we depend. We assume it will always be there, clean beneath its reflective surface or turbulent with energy. We assume we will always hear its sounds continuously coming to shore, the rolling of stone upon stone, the ripple of a bird taking flight. There exists so much power in water and that power is not always controllable. Traced in the landscape of the earth, this element marks the memory of time. Crosscurrents was the last painting completed before the December show of 2023, as if unconsciously I knew it would be the beginning for this exhibition on my Island home.

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