Artist's Statement

Contemporary jewelry from Argentina. This is the work of Mai Solórzano.

María was born in Mexico and has lived between Mexico City and Buenos Aires for the last 15 years, prior to living in Paris and Valencia, Spain.

My commitment with contemporary jewelry is to observe the world, to find small details mostly in nature and outline them, reflecting and approaching ideas through the pieces. I enjoy working with different materials, transforming them until the piece is truly finished and acquires meaning and emotional value. I think a piece of jewelry should be a friendly object, in which we express our values on something that is both beautiful and functional.

When working my main professional values are value in the concept, environmental awareness and social responsibility.

I was first introduced to her work when I visited the MALBA museum of Buenos Aires. That was where I purchased my first piece. Researching her very organic work, I located her studio, made an appointment for a visit. Mai, originally from Mexico City, and comes from a long line of jewelry creators and now lives outside of Buenos Aires. Here works are featured in Australia, Argentina and in some European museum stores.

Please enjoy the pieces, I have selected for the gallery and with you in mind. Most are very lightweight in nature, but some of the larger earrings are a bit heavier. Enjoy.

This jewelry is handmade pieces that can be damaged easily if uncarefully treated. In time air oxidization, and your skin PH can change the delicate coating on each piece. To clean it up, gently rub with a delicate metallic fiber. Do not expose the piece to sea water, cosmetics, moisture or perfume.

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Jewelry by Maia Solorzano

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