Painting Statement

My body tells a story that is similar to yours.

We all share in the tenderness of the human experience; our body language communicates even as we attempt to hide behind our public demeanor. This is the unapologetic human language that I work to capture in my paintings.

My body language, depicted in many of my works, creates a platform for observation into the intimate world of human emotion. My figures ask you to slip into their contortions and find within the patterns of human habit an emotive resonance. In this shared moment we can find a simple connection together.

The layered material, wax and oil, are painted onto raw wooden panels that I construct in my timber frame barn. I use the wood’s grain to map the figure to create an effect of human skin and background patterns. The combination of the delicate wood grain molded into skin and the layered wax and oil express a contemporary voice that depict a life defined by strength and delicacy while the simplicity of the raw forms affirms the vulnerable act of being human.

We all have our languages and my most imperfectly perfect voice is to speak unintentionally through my body and thus intentionally through my art. I share with you a moment’s pause in our human experience.

- Cloud Oakes



Painting by Cloud Oakes


Painting by Cloud Oakes

Smoke and Mirrors

Painting by Cloud Oakes

All In

Painting by Cloud Oakes


Painting by Cloud Oakes

Resting Worrier

Painting by Cloud Oakes

Own It

Painting by Cloud Oakes


Painting by Cloud Oakes

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